Candowell is a social network designed and made available by CANDOWELL CORP., whose EIN – Employer Identification number – is 36-4879013. This document is intended to explain how we'll treat the data of our Platform Users.

The acceptance of this Policy takes place when the User clicks on the acceptance button, thereby expressing his/her free, express and informed consent to the conditions hereof, agreeing and allowing the access to his/her information within the limits set herein. In case the User does not agree with the data treatment policy described in this document, she/he shall refrain from using Candowell. Candowell requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account and use our platform.

This Policy is available to the User, any time, on This Policy shall be read and construed jointly with Candowell use terms and conditions available on

1. Information Collection
1.1. Through the Platform, basically the following are collected:
(a) Information actively made available by the User on the Platform, comprehending any data entered upon the registration or provision of content on the Platform, particularly name, e-mail, date of birth, gender, cell phone number, publications of text, photos, links or videos, but not limited thereto; and
(b) Information automatically collected upon the use of the Platform by the User such as: the User location (country, state and city), IP address combined with the operation date and time, pages accessed and activities conducted inside the Platform, data on the operating system used, data on the browser used (type, version and language), device model, screen resolution, among others. Additionally, the Provider may also use other standard technologies such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects.
1.2. The User may set up his/her access device, pursuant to the options of the browsing program used, in order to block the collection of some types of information. However, in case such configuration is implemented, it is important to point out some features offered by the Platform may not work correctly.
1.3. By accepting this Policy, the User declares she/he is aware of the information collected through the Platform and gives his/her free, express and informed consent concerning the collection of such information.

2. Information Use and Treatment
2.1. All the information collected by the Provider is regarded as confidential, and it will be used only as described herein and authorized by the User, i.e. (i) to enable the Platform operation; (ii) to improve the User browsing experience; (iii) for purposes of development and improvement of Candowell; and (iv) for advertising, promotional and statistical purposes.
2.1.1. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the User declares his/her free, express and informed consent for the Provider and its partners to develop promotions, offer products, disclose charity actions and create targeted marketing based on the information collected through the Platform, as well as use it for the proper provision of services and the other purposes provided in the item 2.1 above.
2.2. By accepting this Policy, the User agrees to receive promotional e-mails from the Provider and its partners. If the User wishes to stop receiving promotional e-mails, she/he may send a message to with such request.
2.3. By using the Platform, hyperlinks may be displayed capable of redirecting the User to other pages, which contain Privacy Policy with provisions different from those set forth herein. The Provider shall not be liable for the procedures of collection, use, sharing and storage of the data of the Users used for such purpose by third parties.

3. Information Sharing
3.1. The Provider may share the data in the following events: (i) whenever required for the Provider business operations, such as, but not limited to credit card operators, for the receipt of payments; (iii) with partner companies of the Provider, to enable business and charity actions proposed on the Platform; (iv) with service provision companies, to improve and maintain the Platform operation; (v) for the protection of the Provider interests in any kind of conflicts, inclusively lawsuits; (vi)in case of transactions and corporate rearrangements involving the Provider, which the transfer of the information will be required for the continuity of the services and delivery of the products; or (vii) due to a court order or demand from administrative authorities with legal powers for such purpose.
3.2. The third parties which the Provider share data with as described herein shall treat them as confidential, restricting their use only for the purposes which they were designated for. Likewise, they shall undertake to execute confidentiality agreements in line with the same parameters provided in this Policy.

4. Information Storage
4.1. The Provider uses reasonable efforts, as usually adopted by the market to preserve the security of its systems, applying standard market technologies and methods to encrypt the data collected, as well as protection programs against non-authorized accesses to such systems.
4.2. The Provider restricts the access to the locations where the collected data are stored only to previously authorized persons, whose access is required for the performance of their duties. Additionally, the Provider requires that people accessing the collected information undertake to contractually hold absolute confidentiality. In any event of breach or violation to the obligation of confidentiality, the party shall be subject to civil liability.
4.3. The Provider uses the best practices to safeguard the information of its Platform Users. However, it's not possible to ensure against potential third parties improper access to the information stored by the Provider due to the nature of Internet itself.
4.4. The Provider shall not be liable for acts of privacy violations, including undue accesses to the data, which are exclusively attributable to third parties and are beyond the Provider reasonable control.

5. Other Provisions
5.1. The User may request the exclusion of the data related thereto, stored by the Provider, through the e-mail The Provider undertakes to use the best efforts to comply with all exclusion requests, within the shortest time as possible. Such exclusion, however, will also cause the deletion of the Platform User´s registry, who will no longer be able to use its functionalities.
5.2. The Provider reserves the right to change this Policy, whenever thinks fit, without any prior notice, unless in case of express legal provision otherwise. For such reason, it’s fundamental the terms of this document are constantly reviewed by the User, who can confirm the date of the latest update of the texts according to indication at the bottom of the page. In case the User does not agree to any changes to this Policy, he/she shall refrain from using the Platform and ask for the cancellation of his his/her registration.
5.3. This legal relationship is exclusively governed by the Laws of the State of New York, including any actions resulting from the violation of its terms and conditions.
5.4. It is hereby agreed that the courts of the State of New York will have jurisdiction to settle any disputes, claims or litigations resulting from these Terms, with the exclusion of any others, however privileged they are or may be.

Last Update: October of 2017, New York.